Monday, November 7, 2011

Dominic - The Link Method

The link method connects a list using a story. The link method is a great system that allows you to memorize a relatively short list very easily. The following situation is a great example that easily allows you to memorize this list:


Imagine yourself on a sandy beach with the warm sand rubbing between your toes. As you begin to walk forward you see a white light getting bigger and bigger until you see a torch. You continue to walk and you see another white item that gets closer, until you recognize it is a bathtub. Inside the bathtub is a football that you pick up and punt into the air. You watch it land on a gnome. You walk up to the gnome and notice a rope is wrapped around its neck and you grasp the rope and pull it. A door gets pulled towards you, so you open the door and there stands a lion that gets frightened by your presence, so it jumps into a river. The lion flows down the river until it flows into the center of a target.

This system allows you to easily memorize 10-20 items at a fairly decent speed and after only re-emphasizing the images once I am still able to remember the story about six hours later.

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